The project was developed in two areas of the South Pacific, covering 4 countries. Most of the photographs were taken in Melanesia, including countries Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. In Polynesia, Tonga and Samoa were.

Even with the exponential advance of globalization in the twenty-first century, the inhabitants of the islands of Oceania, unlike many other people who suffered European colonization, have the privilege to be able to maintain some of their traditions and retain many of their customs. It can be considered a result of geographical distance and isolation by the sea of the region compared to large international centers.

The people of Melanesia demonstrates a contagious joyfulness. The vast majority of the population lives in small communities, mostly of subsistence agriculture and fishing, with no social exclusion in these areas. They radiate a forgotten wisdom in the modern world. The Polynesian region was more affected by the colonizers and missionaries, however, many can still maintain a quiet life outside of urban centers.

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