Antarctica is the last frontier in many ways, including on environmental preservation.

The most isolated continent in the world, is also remote in our minds. Few people know that there is overfishing there and that the polar ecosystem suffers serious threats. Among these is illegal whaling. The whales were almost wiped out during the industrial revolution, however in 1986 the main whaling nations agreed on moratorium on hunting. Nevertheless, Japan continued to poach whales with the pretext of scientific research.

In March of 2014 the International Court of Justice ruled that the Japanese whaling definitely does not fit into scientific purposes. But the whalers have decided to try to make a new program and resume the game as soon as possible.

In this essay, photographer Carolina A Castro shows a bit of the peculiarities of this place so far, and the struggle of activists from Sea Shepherd Conservation Society against illegal whaling in the Southern Whale Sanctuary Sea.

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