I have been working for over a year documenting the story of the Vaquita Porpoise of Mexico’s Gulf of California. This is the most endangered marine mammal in the world and I worked for the NGO Sea Shepherd  as a Media Producer/ Director for this whole campaign — Operation Milagro. Beside producing a VLOG (Web Series) I also shot for a television show that will be release soon on Discovery Channel and also collaborated with news sources such as CBS’ hit  show 60 MINUTES and CNN News.

I collaborated with footage produced by me for this episode of 60 MINUTES entitled “The Last Vaquitas” release on May 22nd of 2016. This is the 36th Episode of Season 48.

It was a pleasure to be part of such an exciting project and to see my name on such a prestigious show.

I hope the tittle doesn’t reflect reality and that the vaquitas will survive and stay in this planet for many years to come.

You can watch the entire episode on CBS’ webpage if you are part of their streaming plans.

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